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Travelling to and from School

Arthur Bugler is committed to promoting safe and active travel for the whole school community. Through our School Travel Plan, we work hard to promote healthy, safe, and sustainable travel.

We have included some links below to help you find the best and safest routes to school with information about cycling and public transport in Thurrock.

We hope you find this information helpful.

Public Transport

Visit the public transport section of the local authority website where you will find information on Thurrock local bus timetables, rail services, and ferry services.

They also have a downloadable public transport map of the Thurrock area.

Walking & Cycling

We are encouraging families to walk, scoot or cycle to school as often as possible. Using a sustainable form of travel has so many benefits:

  • healthy lifestyle;
  • improves air quality;
  • reduces traffic.

You can also use our Walking Bus. Children can be dropped off at Homesteads Hall between 8:20am – 8:30am where they will be met by members of staff who will walk them to school, safely and free of charge. If you are interested in joining the bus then please contact the school office.

We have also created a local walking, scooting, and cycling to school map that we hope you find useful:

ABP Travelling to school information map (PDF)

You can also download the Thurrock cycle route map from their website.