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Our History

The School was opened in 1974 as a primary, with combined infants and juniors in what is now the Early Years and Key Stage 1 part of the building.

The building was planned by Mr John Graham, of Graham and Baldwin Architects. After the main building was opened the school grew very, very quickly and by 1977 there were three hundred children with eleven classes, eight in the main building with three in demountables.

A junior building was then built and once complete, the school was then divided into sperate infant and junior schools. Mrs Laverick; Deputy Head of the primary, became Headmistress of the infant school. In September 1977, the junior school was formally opened and there were seven classes.

From 1977 the schools operated as separate infant and junior schools until, during 2013, the governing bodies began working together to amalgamate both schools back into a single Primary for the benefit of the pupil's progression through the start of their education.

As a part of the amalgamation strategy, building work began in 2014 to physically join the two separate infant and junior buildings, and by 2015 the two school buildings became one and the amalgamation was complete creating a single primary school. The following year, in September 2016, the new primary school joined Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust.