Year 3 Curriculum


We have introduced the educational learning resource called “Cornerstones” to help us teach the wider curriculum.

This is a vibrant and creative curriculum that puts children at its heart. We believe Cornerstones excites children's imaginations, inspires them to learn, extends their horizons, deepens their understanding and meets their intellectual and personal needs. The Cornerstones Primary Curriculum is built upon a four-stage teaching and learning philosophy.

The Four Cornerstones consist of:


Start with a memorable first-hand experience; Begin observations, research and setting questions; Fully engage with the new topic.


Improve knowledge and understanding; Develop and practise new skills; Explore, make and do.


Apply skills and knowledge in real-life contexts; Solve real or imagined problems through learning; Gain inspiration from creative activities.


Become performers, experts and informers; Link learning back to starting points; Share and celebrate achievements.